I Like Big Words

Hi, my name is Fuzz. I excel at explaining highly technical topics to disparate audiences. I designed and built a compute and large-scale storage cloud for machine language and natural language processing research at the University of Pennsylvania’s Linguistic Data Consortium—including writing a global filesystem and big data tools—before AWS existed. I have been writing seriously since high school and ran a newspaper in college. I’ve been a featured poet at readings around the country. I’ve written thousands of pages of technical documentation and papers. In 2008 I became CTO and Editor-in-Chief of FieldReport. Hailed as “the American Idol of Blogging” by major media outlets we were giving away the world’s largest-ever cash prize for a single piece of writing—one million dollars for the best true story. We ran into the recession, unfortunately, but it was an amazing experience and I was privileged to work with top folks in the publishing industry.

I have been a startup operator and advisor on and off for the past decade and have pitched dozens of products, raising millions of dollars in the process. I have written a large number of well-received investor updates. I am open to all sorts of writing work, but I most enjoy producing words about very technical products. I can do that as dry or as “wet” as desired, from precise and droning skinny black tie to epic fantasy with anthropomorphized product features.

I am a seasoned engineer and have served as a startup CTO multiple times and as a non-founder CEO–I can work well with limited direction and offer useful advice. I have worked with Apple’s App Store editors on a Best New App. You can read an entertaining timeline of my experiences in technology. Or just go ahead and hire me.