Hi, my name is Fuzz. I am a former application developer, systems administrator, Internet backbone engineer, storage engineer, cloud architect, corporate communicator, leader and startup founder now happily specializing in automation. I love this work and I am very, very good at it. Hire me to glue tools together, remove friction or build out a continuous delivery pipeline–keep your team focused on delivering and let me be a force multiplier.

I automated the world’s second-largest network operations center for Worldcom in 2000. I automated the management processes of Kodak Gallery’s massive globally-distributed storage systems. Fidelity had a deploy process requiring commits to a dozen different microservice repos, taking a developer and an ops person half a day or more to work through, randomly rebooting various services in effort to get things working again, dozens of developers suffering intermittent outages. I got that down to a fully automated two minutes, worked out reliable ordering for restarts, self-healing mechanisms and built them a suite of observability tools in the process.

I am happy to work with the languages and technologies of your choice, though naturally I may have suggestions. All of my work is thoroughly commented, documented, easy to extend and easy to maintain. When I finish a job it is complete and you are possession of any institutional knowledge generated. If you have me back, that’s great, but either way you will have everything you need to maintain it yourself.

You can read more about me here and contact me here.